Thursday, June 02, 2005

An advertising brief

Dammer-Hughes Minneapolis – 1 June 2005
Beef Tallow Trade Council Creative Brief – Foodstuff Awareness Campaign

What is the assignment? Three :30 television spots and a print campaign appearing in US, People, The Economist, Gourmet, Martha Stewart’s Living. The advertising would support the idea of beef tallow being in fact edible by humans, with a strong call to action to purchase a “family size” 50 lb cube.

Why are we advertising?
Where we are:
Consumers, when aware of beef tallow at all, perceive it as a side product of the slaughter of bovine animals. They variously identify it as an ingredient in leather dressings, candles and soap. D&H is tasked with increasing the awareness of beef tallow as a delicious and flexible foodstuff.

Where we want to go: For Beef Tallow to be top-of-mind for family food purchase decision makers, especially among the group we’ve identified as Progressive Culineastes.

The role of advertising: Primarily to build awareness of Beef Tallow as an essential in the pantry of any busy family. To accomplish this it is essential we ease consumers’ reluctance to try foodstuff normally associated with abattoir floor sweepings. A secondary consideration is establishing beef tallow as an “extreme” foodstuff for pre-teen to teen markets.

Core Desire of Target: “I am busy and on the go, and would appreciate a meal replacement for my family that is as easy to serve as ice cream, yet packed full of latent energy and can be also be used as a personal lubricant.”

***So what’s the Big Idea????***

There’s nothing like the assurance you get from having a gleaming 50 pound block of translucent beef tallow in the back of your pantry.

Other Considerations

If Beef Tallow were a person, what would its tone be? Trusted, assured, friendly, waxy.

What other elements are mandatory?
* Tagline: That’s not offal. That’s Tallow!
* Mascot Congealed Rufus must appear on all communications.

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Blogger Donna said...

Brilliant. Absolute genius. If you really want to reach beyond the traditional meat-eating sector of society, you should focus group some vegetarians (or people who THINK they're vegetarians). I think tallow would be a great way to get those damned "meat is murder" folks moving down that slippery slope ride with an animal product that can be hidden in marshmallows and ginsing energy drinks.

11:48 AM  
Blogger porchwise said...

Without tallow, there'd be no cattle; without cattle, there'd be no steaks...without steaks, we'd all be sheep eating sheep..what? Lookey here, I read yer whole posted blog and am now going Hunter Thompson nuts looking for the bullets for my 30-30 so I can shoot the goats bleating "Go Bud Light!" somewhere over in the south forty of my woods...otherwise...great reading. Thanks for restoring my sanity and faith that good blogs are really out there...

1:22 PM  
Blogger Donna said...

Book're it!

10:05 AM  

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