Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Life is good in Berkeley!

So, yesterday, I’m home with the brats. Their school was closed for Columbus Day, so I took the day off and so we could futz around Berkeley in the brilliant East Bay summer. (We have ours in October.)

In the morning, I walked in the front room with a cup of coffee to enjoy the quiet before the terrors arose, when what should I see parked in front of my house, but a Subaru completely shot to shit with numbers taped next to each hole. Ballistics before nine is hard for me.

When I wasn’t with the kids, I was staring at this...car, just sitting there...saying “You don’t live in Marin, you don’t live in Marin....” over and over again.

I live in a nice neighborhood. A quiet neighborhood. One with old folks, and young families and cats and birds and possums and raccoons and all that shit.

But that car... the holes look perfect and round, like a wino went to town with a pop rivet gun. Plus we have weeds, so I felt especially trashy with the car with the shot out window.

So Paula gets on the case today, brave she-who-is-not-ascared-to-talk-to-humans and emails the neighbors.

Seems the car belongs to this kid around the corner(he’s a goth/white hip hip guy hybrid. I admire his eclecticism.), who loaned his car to a friend, and who promptly got it shot up in a random incident in another part of Berkeley. (I’ve seen the borrower limping through the neighborhood. Got a slug in his leg)

The girl who lives across the street picked up the car from the tow
place yesterday for the out of town Goth Rapper, and had
it towed....to my house. With the weeds in front.

I guess it serves us right. But we’re getting the landscaping done. Honest.

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