Thursday, June 01, 2006

Pointless gripes and rants are healthy

My blog pal Jack has posted a mostly pointless forum on minor annoyances. It can be found here. Sign up for a free account and bitch, moan and bellyaches like the goddamn baby you are. Yay complaining!

Speaking of complaining, today my employer sent the entire department on a forced march to the local bowling alley, where we had to have "fun". Free hot dogs and beer. So that made it mildly less depressing.


The horror. The horror.

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Blogger Amanda said...

wow, your work sounds just like "The Office" If you haven't seen it before, WATCH IT! You will have startling visions of your own co-workers in these situations!

8:32 PM  
Blogger Greg Mills said...

What's with the all goddamn Canadians??

Not that I mind. But my life has had this constant influx of Canadians lately and I'm stumped as to why.

You people are everywhere! (I'm in California.)

Welcome, Amanda.

9:03 PM  
Blogger KoldKadavr said...

Howdy-doodee, buckAroos!!

7:51 PM  
Blogger Greg Mills said...

Hoodee-dowdy, yerself.

9:16 PM  
Blogger Chloe said...

well, bosses are crappy people, that's what they are here for. can you imagine having to go to a cool concert with your boss, for example? that would have been The Horror.

6:34 AM  
Blogger Greg Mills said...

Going to a cool concert would be the worse. Did you ever have to suffer through that?

I did recently bear the cross of watching my boss dance with a go-go dancer at a club. Ick.

Business travel is the worse.

11:04 AM  

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