Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Are they or are they not antique store owners?

I am an alter kaker. So naturally I gavitate toward soft foods and complaining about my feet.

There is a milestone coming up to remind me that I am goddamn old: my 20th year high school reunion. Some enterprising former classmates have hobbled together a website where alumnae can get caught up with each other's little lives. It's mildly addictive reading.

The most provocative post accompanied this picture (I've protected the innocent. The poster in the tall guy on the left):

Here's the post in question:

It sounds like a cliche... but I really did partner my high school sweetheart. It took one failed marriage, sixteen years and plenty of support and good wishes from the BEST of friends to come to the realization that we have to follow our hearts and be together. We have shared custody of 3 great kids and I have the best ex-wife and mother of my children a man can ask for. and I love weight lifting, mountain biking and simple, quiet evenings at home talking by the fire. I'd love to be at the reunion, but I own an antique shop and need to go to an estate sale that weekend. I'm so sorry to miss it!

So, I ask you, is it fake? I'm thinking it is. There is just too much specific evidence presented and the photo is a little too perfect; vide the just-so wedding rings. The bits about talking by the fire and owning an antique shop are also gags I've heard before.

Maybe I'm too clever by half, and I'll be proved wrong come the reunion, and I'll feel like a blackhearted creep, but I think it's a gag. Either way, kudos.



Blogger Stephanie said...

I thought people only talked like that on tv..

10:40 AM  
Blogger Travel Betty said...

Man, I WISH my classmates were as exciting as this. Why don't you google the guy and see if he owns an antique store?

5:17 PM  
Blogger Crackpot Press said...

After attending Lynne's 20th this year.. and going to mine in October...

My advice is:

Don't be a pussy.

You have a great job, a hot wife and 2 beautiful ( yet strangely advanced) kids.

You were supposed to be living above Anna Pernna by now.

You beat the odds! You RULE!

Go to your reunion!

11:26 PM  

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