Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Sac Nymphing and You

There's always piles of weird specialty magazines in out of the way corners of my office. Here, we see a headline from the cover of a fly-fishing magazine that was flung wily-nily on the coffee table in the reception area.

What is the nature of this sac? And is nymphing desirable? Do all sacs need nymphing at some point? Is there a crazy dreamer locked away in a shed somewhere working on a sac that needs no nymphing? Did the Japanese miniturize nymphers back in the '70s? Do sacs need oiling? What about nymphers? Do the nymphers need be stored stacked neatly in a dry, dark place? If I had my foot caught in a sac or a nympher, what sort of specialist would need to be called in?

Do nymphers feel love? Can I enter my sac in competitive pageants? Does my sac require its own passport? Can nymphers and sac communicate? What municipal authority licenses nymphers?

Is it illegal to cross state lines with my sac or my nympher?

I don't know. I could read the article. But I like the mystery of it. If you know what a sac is, or if nymphing is actually a verb, keep it to yourself. Let the mystery abide. Life is better for the phrase.


Blogger Duff Man said...

Way funny! I bet it should be a verb, though.

1:08 PM  
Blogger G. said...

Sac nymphing has been banned in Canada for the least 50 years. Thank god for that!


7:56 AM  

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