Thursday, June 07, 2007

Me: Ranting nutcase father

Ruby: If a policeman catches a robber, does the robber go to jail.

Me: Yes. Well, the robber goes to court and has a trial and they figure out what happened.

Ruby: Do they make the robber tell them stuff by putting in jail?

Me (jumping up): NO! don't HAVE to tell the police ANYTHING...not without a lawyer...YOU DO NOT (slapping my hand into my palm) HAVE...TO...TELL...THEM...ANYTHING. They can ask all the questions they want, but you don't HAVE TO SAY A BLESSED WORD!! (Jabbing my finger in the air.) THERE'S SOMETHING IN THIS COUNTRY CALLED THE FIFTH AMENDMENT...

Paula: Honey.. I doubt that at six Ruby is going to have that sort of problem with the police.

Me: Um...well, that's true. Uh... if you ever need help, Ru, and there's a police officer near by... you can ask for, uh, help. Or call 911 if something bad happens at home. The, uh, Police are nice. And firemen and rangers.

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Blogger kimananda said...

Later on in life, Ruby is going to look back on this, and wonder just what episode in your early life brought on that first reaction. ;-)

5:45 PM  
Blogger º¿º..º¿º..º¿ said...

Oh, now I understand.

5:11 PM  

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