Wednesday, May 14, 2008

So what do I have against blogging all of a sudden?

Don't rightly now. I'm moderately busy and there's been the usual flurry of domestic poop. Owen is a large man of five now, so we had a great birthday party -- delicious margaritas prepared by The Wife for all the adults, and a surreally awesome cake made by my sister.

It was more than a cake... it was a meta-cake, a cake about cakeness.

Paula went out of town, so I was on my lonesome with the brats. I took them to the Make Faire in San Mateo, which is this Mad Max crafts fair with exploding robots and shit. Took 'em for a brief train ride on Amtrak... the twosome had never been on a proper train, so we took a half an hour trip up the line to Martinez and came back. It was pretty okay.

And we got a dog named "Chuy" (chewie) which is the diminutive of Jesus (Hay-sus). He's half beagle and half Chihuahua. He looks sort of like a very large, fat Chihuahua. About the size of a ham. He's very laid back, doesn't bark. He's a good little dog.

So, that's it. I imagine I will blog about some sort of crap one of these days.


Blogger Chloe said...

doesn't your sister have a food blog? why not? your wife too. We could do with a meta-cake recipe and some margaritas.
If not, i am sorry, but YOU have to blog at least. :)

2:47 AM  
Anonymous JackPT said...

That dog sounds pretty cool. I would like to see a half beagle half chihuahua.

5:44 AM  

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