Thursday, April 17, 2008

40 percent according to Google

40 percent of World of Warcraft players are addicted to the game. Weekend Sales: 40 Percent Off at Saks. Flu vaccine matches 40 percent of season's viruses. 40 percent of Princeton students and faculty use Macs as their personal computers. 40 percent of Iraq's professional class have left the country. 40 percent of abatement could be achieved at “negative” marginal costs. The number of American consumers filing for bankruptcy increased nearly 40 percent in 2007. Afghanistan's unemployment rate is 40 percent. About 40 percent of deaths worldwide are caused by water, air and soil pollution. Bush approval rating at 40 percent - Sep 19, 2005. 40 percent of 3-month-old infants regularly watch TV. The sale of digital music globally hit $2.9 billion in 2007, up 40 percent from 2006. Five states — Maryland, Mississippi, Georgia, New York and Arizona — are next in line with minority populations of about 40 percent. 40 percent of all people with the autoimmune disease lupus have some kidney damage. 40 percent of illegal immigrants are visa overstayers.Your nonprofit salary might be as little as 40 percent of your for-profit equivalent. Vista is still a good 40 percent slower than XP. 40 percent of holiday iPod sales went to first-time buyers.

Asked about the article, MacBain said that she never commented on her private life, but described it as 'probably 40 per cent wrong'.


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