Sunday, August 05, 2007

Fine resources for media obsessive nerds, geeks, dorks and dweebs.

If you wanted, for whatever reason, to catalogue your books and CDs online so the world can see how rad you are, you can do so here:

Books: Library Thing

CD, Albums, MP3s, etc: Rate Your Music

On Librarty Thing your first 200 hundred listings, then after that it’s like 20 bucks or something.

Rate Your Music is free, free, free, though you should probably paypal some cash over to your friendly host if your foresee having a huge database.

I don’t know exactly what these services are good for, but it is sort of fun in a bored retiree sort of way to imput the stuff. I dunno. I’m a nerd. CHRIST, am I a nerd.

Here are my collections if you’re interested:

My Music
My Books
A Photo of Lemmy


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