Friday, June 20, 2008

So, here's a work thing.

The (relatively) fun lifestyle wing of my Brobdingnagian client has a kind of cool charity program where they give a portion of the advertising revenue generated from any email or text message you send via their web mail and messaging client to a charity you choose (of their ten charity partners).

We've done a strange marketing program for it, and it might be kind of cool once the momentum builds. The conceit is there is this guy who worked at some vaguely evil company, and he's making up for it by sending lots and lots of emails and text messages.

So there's a blog, with video entries and canned email responses and general silliness. The video entries follow a story arc, one with love, sex tapes, doppelgangers and transcendent redemption. It gets progressively weirder as the month progresses. I'll try to post the weirder episodes here when they go live.

Just warning you.

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