Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Mouthy Canadian Broads

There's so many of them.

That's a gross generalization, actually. I know all of two in the real world, one is currently not blogging and one never even had a blog...AND SHE LIVES IN OAKLAND. (And there is a Canadian blogger I know who lives in the U.K. who is currently not blogging and she's not mouthy.)

In the blog world I know of two: The inimitable Jay of Kill the Goat, this new Kim person, proprietess (which is a sexist word) of the insanely named Repliderium, which is a Canadian term that refers to your mom.

Neat. Up Canada! Huh!



Blogger repliderium.com said...

Mouthy.....hmmmm. I'm ok with that. People usually start out with "bitch" and warm up to me from there. Repliderium by the way is far too "pretty" a word to be associated with my lovely mom who is a toothless hippy with an insane laugh and a deep rattling smokers cough. (stop laughing. I am not kidding)
My mouthy little self just won't tell you. :p
Na na na na na.

5:48 PM  

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