Thursday, June 18, 2009

Another goddamn thing wrong about advertising.


That is demographic targets, the low hanging fruit, that poor bastard abstraction that is being profiled and dissected and talked about in dark rooms in hushed tones.

The mythic user that uses things following the exact prescribed CORRECT method, the moron who smiles because her kids have fucking stars radiating from their eyes because they picked up some 39 cent stuffed toy made by political prisoners play skeeball at Chuckie Cheese's.

They are the people that you see on TV that makes you yell "fuck you, asshole! Nobody loves room deodorizer that much!"

Bad companies build castles on these sandy foundations, and are fucking ANGRY when the whole of humanity fails to produce one of these automatons.

Good brands, the best brands, don't presume to know what the consumer is going to do with their product.

Post-it notes?

Yes, I'm talking about Post-it Notes.

This is a terrible entry.

How are you?



Blogger said...

Have you been drinking?

8:43 AM  
Blogger feeno said...

Dark room guy #1: I know it's just a blanket with sleeves, but if we tell these mindless freaks that they can't answer a phone or drink a glass of milk with a regular blanket, we can sell a million of these things.

Dark room guy #2: You mean like when we told people they couldn't live with out the bionic earpiece thing by having some skank walk down the beach as she eaves drops on other skanks talking about her hot bod.

Dark room guy #1. Yeah, I sold a million of things just to guys 'cause they thought somehow they might see girl on girl action.

We are easy targets, I wish I could make fun of them, but I have a closet filled with Blue Blockers and boxes of titanium knife sets.

I'm well, Dueces, feeno

6:39 AM  
Anonymous Berthold said...

I love how swearing takes the edge off this fucking nonsense. I work in an ad agency and I can safely say FUCK the silver lining. I sit among dumb people being trained to tell dumb things to even more moronic pinheads. Fapping off to the most simplified and nonsensical messages a human brain (or a squid, I don't even fucking care any more) can produce is the high point of my day. NOBODY WANTS YOUR SHIT. Wake up for fucks sake. Buncha assholes. Srsly.

6:58 AM  
Blogger feeno said...


Someone who works in an advertising agency probably invented the name "Smart Car" because if they called it "you do realize you look like like a super dork in this car" nobody would have bought it?

Btw, if that thing got 100 mpg I might buy one, but it only gets like maybe 45-50? My dignity has a price, and that would be the 100mpg.

Peace be with you all, feeno

6:08 PM  
Anonymous kpss sınavı ertelendi said...

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9:20 AM  

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