Tuesday, June 14, 2005

When the Douche Bags Return to Del Mar.

Here's a fun little article. Seems a ranking war hero Congressman from San Diego sold his house to a defense contractor, who then turned around sold it as a loss to....himself. A nice, legal $700,000 bribe. Right now, it is very difficult to sell ANY property at a loss in California.

Strangely, this defense contractor seemed to suddenly be pulling down a lot of juicy gov'n contracts right and left after a dry spell. And our Congressman just so happens (chee-rist it pains me to type this) is on a congressional defense approriations committee.

I will be severely bummed out if the population of San Diego doesn't deep six this bastard. The fact the shitheel ended up $700,000 richer and no one actually LOST any money (the contractor having written it off as a loss) well, commonsense trumps fake objectivity here. The guy is a douchebag empirically (and I am only slightly overstating the case). The whole "Yes, the facts do look bad, but I am withholding judgement out of fairplay...blah blah..." Bull Shiite. The guy is a douche.

Time to thin out the herd.

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