Thursday, February 09, 2006

The blogger's plea: Please like me. Please?

This is the first post over on my new blog, Daily Stone Cold Jam. Oh, it's great fun over there! You should go give it a whirl!

Look at me! Look at Greggie! Oh christ, I am so very lonely.

Stone Cold Jam #1: Hallogallo (Neu!)

The Band: Neu!

Album: Neu!(1971)

But is it a Stone Cold Jam?: Yes! And this is despite the song is ONLY ONE GODDAMN CHORD FOR TEN MINUTES over a obsessive 4/4 pulse. But this chord, this chord is special. This chord is fwacka-fwacka-fwacka'd up and down like taffy. And not the cheap shitty grocery store taffy, but the good kind you buy from little shrunken apple Port-o-gee men down at the Shore. Only you're not an apple-cheeked New England tyke in Madras boardshorts, you are a haggard German speed freak in a beige linen suit, with pale blue saucer eyes and a TottenKopf bone structure.

Anyway, this is a funky Stone Cold Jam, with the emphasis on Cold. Cold as chrome. Cold as the Bavarian wind rushing in to the crumpled frame of the old Citreon you just abandoned wrapped around a birch, but you are so spun you've decided to walk to Dusseldorf, which is 35 KM away. That doesn't matter though, because Hallogallo is karoming through your frying skull, giving you the counterpoint to face down the asphalt until you reach the outer city ring.

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