Friday, March 24, 2006

Lux Aeterna: An Appreciation.

The "Song": Lux Aeterna (Gyorgi Lygeti)

The Band (or composer in this case): Gyorgi Lygeti

The Album: "2001: A Space Odyssey" OST (1970)

So you really think you are a whole lot of something, what with your camera watches and your High Def pants. You're out there, making PowerPoints, using "vis-a-vis" incorrectly. Well, it's time to knock that shit off, sunshine and blow some of the cobwebs out yo' thick skull.

The song goes sort of like this:

FOR TWELVE GODDAMN MINUTES. This isn't some half assed goddamn Death Cab for Cutie horseshit. This is Stanley Fucking Kubrick joining forces with Mad Scientist Composer Gyorgi Lygeti, telling you that life is brutal and mysterious and while you're watching Hill Street Blues on Lifetime, Monoliths and Star Babies are deciding the fate of fucking everything and reality will bend your bones with its sublime weirdness.

You asshole.

And upon listening to this, there are only two sane possible responses, which are:

A) You realise that nothing means anything, and you find yourself feeling a Derrida-ish sense of release from culture, morality, ethics, anything. You take all your clothes off and go shoplifting.

B) The tiny hairs on the nape of your neck spring out like planks, and you start running around in circles, screaming "Woo-woo! Woo-woo!" like Daffy Duck. You realise we are merely gerbil pellets to the Great and Horrid Cthulhu. You take all your clothes off and go shoplifting.

So I'll see you at the 7-11. I'll be the nude one over by the panty hose.

(I wrote briefly about Lygeti in an ancient blog entry here.)

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