Saturday, March 04, 2006

Some brief memorable conversations.

Conversation #1

Walking home, I come across Brian walking the other way. Brian is 6'9". He's carrying a copy of Grapes of Wrath.

We greet each other, and I walk with him a bit.

B: "I've decided something. I'm going to pronounce Steinbeck Steenbeck from now on."

me: "Do you call Hemingway anything special, like Ernie or something."

Brian puts his hand on my chest, we stop walking. He turns me towards him, resting his two hands on my shoulders. He looks down at me.

B: "No. I call him... Papa."

Conversation #2

At E and C's house. E=wife. C=A Hub who is not me.

Am sitting on the couch with G, we are stoned and flipping channels. We linger on Sex in the City. Kristin Davis (Charlotte) is natter on about something.

E is a comfy chair eating nuts.

E: "Is that the girl from Boogie Nights?"

C: "No, looks sort of like her though."

E: "No...I think that's her."

Me: "The woman in Boogie Nights is taller, and has big boobs. That lady is flat chested." (Like I said, we were stoned.)

E: "Well, they could do stuff with CGI."

Me:"You mean remove her bosom."

E: "Yep."

C:"For every episode."

E: "Yep."

E eats a nut.

E: "With CGI."



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