Tuesday, May 09, 2006

A nice song about George Plimpton.

As I've mentioned in the past, my friend Toby is agitating for a MOTHERFUCKING statue to be put up somewhere for the late George Plimpton, a man who be the guiding light for all intelligent little boys (and girls) to emulate, that is if the universe had any class, any fucking class at all.

To this end, Toby and a bunch of other Plimpton goons have a site called The Plimpton Project. Nice site. Spend a few moments.

But I am not writing this to flog The Plimpton Project, human be'en lovin' as it may be. Instead, I'd like to point you toward the winner of the George Plimpton song contest, a sweet little number about how we could all do worse than living our lives just a little bit like Plimpton. I give you, "A Talk With George".

And while you're at it, and the blue sky still retains some of it's vivid mid-spring impact, you may also enjoy this:
Some animations of selected Billy Collins poems. Really,
Something Awful isn't going anywhere.



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