Sunday, August 12, 2007

Ruby scatting about meat.

I was working next to Ruby just as she improved this amazing sprechstimme song about meat.

Meat. Meat. Meat.
Sad Clown with bacon lips
Meat. Hot dog with no bun.
I love meat, meat. It’s really meat.
Weird meat. Weird meeeeeat.
I love meat.
Left and right there is meat.
Meat is the best thing, my most favorite meat.
I come to town looking for meat, yeah.
Outside I’m going to find a meat meat meat store.
Going to the sea for the meat fish.
It always happen before the town, town, town wakesup.
The Meat Show. Just me and the street.
Doing meat disco. Doing meat handjive.
I’m a big shoot guy. I got meat.
Hit a nail, hit a nail, astronaut. I got meat in space.
Do you sing? Yes, I sing. There is a meat music show.
I love meat, hot dogs… chicken… chicken burritos… turkey…
Hamburger MEAT! Hotdog MEAT!
Barbecue and going to the hamburger store.
The clown is a hamburger clown.
Meat. Meat. Meat. This is the meat I love. It’s weird.
People say what meat do you like?
And i saaaaaay.... HOT DOGS!

Sad Clown with bacon lips? Damn.



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