Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Go Frank.

There's this guy, Frank Chu. He's a fixture in downtown San Francisco, an eccentric (well, more than an eccentric. More like a schizophrenic) that has a standing bottomless tab in various bars in the Financial District. His claim to fame, other than holding his family hostage in the mid-eighties, is his ongoing protest against the 12 Galaxies.

Or he's for the 12 Galaxies. Anyway, he has a lot to say about the 12 Galaxies, and he has a really nice sign (one of the service bureau in town make his signs for free) that he carries in and around Market and Montgomery, declaiming the evils (or benefits) of the 12 Galaxies. He also has a sideline demanding the impeachment of every president since Nixon. Nevermind that several are dead, and George W. Bush is the only one currently, you know, in office.

There's actually a nightclub in San Francisco named the 12 Galaxies in Frank's sign's honor.

So, to the point:

One of the service unions is striking downtown (the security guards?) and they are trudging, banging drums, chanting, all with grim Union-guy determination.

And there was Frank, standing shoulder-to-shoulder, holding up his 12 Galaxies sign high, keeping the Republic informed and diligent, ready to face the challenge presented by the 12 Galaxies.

Here's a short documentary about Frank Chu.

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Blogger Pursey Tuttweiler said...

I will watch that documentary soon. What an interesting fellow. In Austin, we have the legendary Leslie. He is a cross dresser who is homeless and runs for Mayor a lot. He is seen all about town. One time a rich couple donated their swanky house to him for a bit while they traveled. The neighbors were aghast. He wears a thong in public, no telling what he wore or did not wear around the yard. This year they made refrigerator magnets of him and gave him a piece of the action. Frank and Leslie would have lots to talk about or maybe not.

1:49 PM  
Blogger Stephanie said...

I love America

2:28 PM  

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