Tuesday, January 01, 2008

A stinking Randy Newman video? That's all I can come up with?

It's a good song. Randy Newman is, once you get past the corny instrumentation, an extremely pointed songwriter. Take Elvis Costello at his crankiest and you haven't even begun to scrape the top of Randy Newman's dark pit.

The album "Good Old Boys" will leave you with your jaw dropped at the venom of it all.

Anyway, this is a single Mr. Newman recently, and it's probably all over the internet, and you've seen it eighty times already, but I have such a woefully tin-ear and hideous timing for this sort of thing, so bear with me.

It's sort of speaks to how I feel nowadays, in my civic soul. It's been a stupid, ugly eight years, and we're (Americans) going to be paying for all the mediocrity, fear, neandrethal posturing and wishful thinking we've foisted on the rest of the world for the past eight years. The ultimate payment for this debt is the sunset on our influence. Not a bad thing, necessarily.

Anyway, here's Randy Newman singing "A Few Words in Defense of Our Country".

Happy New Year. Here's to bring sanity back.


Blogger ren.kat said...

I don't know how to interpret what is happening at home from over here. It seems like liberals are jumping ship instead of standing up. Recently I have experienced some bizarre situations, like a feminist list serve handing over basic feminine tenants in favor of diversity etc. The people damning the US led Iraq war most and in the sometimes history-blind terms are Americans. I hate the current administration, I am ashamed often of say, the size of a piece of cake at Disneyland, but how far do we go with self-flagellation before we stop the politically fashionable lamenting and whining? Everything is so nihilistic- that's why empires fall, that's what decadence is. - Sorry. No one reads my blog :-) Gotta be said somewheres. glad you're back.

1:04 PM  
Blogger G. said...

You're welcome to move north. We'd be happy to have you!


12:35 PM  

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