Saturday, May 17, 2008

Ruby's complicated theology

(Note: we have a silly little garden buddha is our semi-wild planter)

Ruby: Dad, I was praying.

Not being a particularly religious family, I am perplexed.

Me: Who were you praying to?

Ruby: Buddha! And the fairies.

Me: Ah. Is Buddha a friend of the fairies?

Ruby: Yes. The fairies do Buddha good works in the spirit world.

Me: I had no idea.

Ruby: Remember that cat that disappeared in the bushes?

(We have a neighbor cat that likes to lurk behind a giant fern we have.)

Me: Yes.

Ruby: Buddha ordered the fairies to carry the cat to the spirit world.

Me: He's dead?

Ruby: Who?

Me: The cat.

Ruby: No, he's alive! He's living in paradise as a living cat.

Me: Like Elijah.

Ruby: I don't know. I gave Buddha money.

Me: I don't think Buddha really needs any money.

Ruby: He uses it buy treats for his fairy servants. Buddha also asked me to show him THIS flower once a year, every year.

(Shows me a strange orange flower that she found growing in some ground cover succulents we have in front)

At this point, Ruby wanders off, singing "Iko Iko" to the tune of "La Cucucaracha".

She's a prophet.



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