Sunday, November 02, 2008

Live blogging a sitcom I've never seen before, with the sound off, on an airplane.

*Neil Patrick Harris, the "At Band Camp" lady, the guy from that Sarah Marshall movie, and two swarthy guys are in a bar (one looks like johnny depp, the other guy has a moustache)
*Neil Patrick seems to be a douche bag
*Band Camp raises her eyebrows as Neil Patrick laughs at anecdote
*Flashback: Sarah Marhall guy is getting... electrolysis? Doctor/practitioner is attractive blond. Some sort of flirting is happening
*Cut back to bar. Sarah Marshall guy is talking. Is this a Regal Beagle/Central Perk-type hangout?
*Cut back to Doctor's office. Swarthy non-moustache guy is now there, wearing sun glasses. So is doctor.I have no idea why
*Cut back to bar. Swarthy non-moustache guy is telling story. Neil Patrick raises his eyebrow suggestively. Band camp girl laugh toothily.
*Now non-moustache guy is on.. date? w/ doctor. Is carrying patently fake flowers. Not sure if the fake flowers are a gag or just a poor choice by the prop guy
*They are on the stoop of a brownstone, laughing toothily. It is daylight. A cab pulls up, and they run down the stairs laughing hand in hand. Date is going well, from the looks of it.
*Cut back to bar. Non-moustache is gesturing wildly. Sarah Marshall guy is shaking his head with a smirky look on his face. What gives Sarah Marshall guy? Can't be happy for your newly depilitated chum?
*Cut back to the stoop. Non-moustache guy leaves the building with a wistful grin on his face. Flowers are gone. With the doctor no doubt. (Seriously, the flowers were bad. Like magician flowers)
*Now on the sidewalk, Non-moustache guy's smile fades and he looks up. A blond lady, not unattractive, walks up to him, smiling toothily. He looks dumbstruck. The girl talks to him.
*The credits roll.

Disappointed that Moustache guy didn't have a bigger role.


Blogger said...

Was clearly "How I met your mother" which I've seen so it was too easy for me to follow along (I prefer to be confused) Next time you attempt live blogging--definitely with the sound off--any chance you'd try an infomercial? A really bad late night one of course.

8:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I might try to live blog whatever shitty movie they're playing on the way home. We'll see if my battery last that long.

11:09 AM  
Blogger Sparkleneely said...

I love that you know him by his full name, NEIL PATRICK HARRIS, and not as DOOGIE HOWSER.

1:57 PM  

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