Thursday, July 21, 2005

The idiocy I do for money.

Do you watch late night cable? Ever see those Mike's Hard Lemonade ads? The ones with the talking bottle? Funny, yes? Well, guess who gets to be the voice of the bottle on his very blog? ME! Why? Because I'm an jackass and that happens to fit perfectly for the mileau.

(No, I am not sitting on a shitload of voice-over royalties. I'm only the written voice of the bottle.)

It's an interesting bastardization, putting a brand character out there in the cruel harsh world. Would the Pillsbury Dough Boy blog? Kudos for the folks at Mike's Hard Lemonade for putting their character out there to risk the slings and arrows. Most companies are extremely leery of the public. Strange, but true.

Right now we're still nailing just what the hell we're doing. The URL is The official site can be found here:

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