Monday, August 08, 2005

AutoSummarized Lyrics to Black Sabbath's Album, the Mob Rules, translated into German then French, then German, then English via Alta Vista Babelfish.

I feel like William Burroughs, if he were alive, straight and not a junkie, and liked Dio-era Black Sabbath. "Poltern" is a high Saxon term for a short douchebag from New Jersey with a perm.


I am not Poltern thunder,
under your by am not NAKED Poltern,
under any fan raises your thunder with blow in,
am free your burns shades,
me for you can see,
it of good me right take your children am,
burn, If NAKED echo does not answer,
when hears song the animal one SE certain
that then with and that is the dead spirit
put freely moves all you,
the end always
which not returned us gone far on,
for always to in my heart
starts from other left blind tides
are even are, to break with inch in the tops
fortunes future without A, OF more THAN route, for It

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Anonymous thomas said...

it did smack of burroughs... i can just picture him shooting up, listening to a little Sabbath, and creating that Cut Up masterpeice.

2:00 PM  

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