Thursday, August 04, 2005

John Paul Cupp: my kind of weirdo

I have this mild fascination with Kim Jung Il, star of "Team America: World Police" and blood thirsty short person. He likes pizza, he likes Mike Jordan, and he's nutsy for the Juche Idea, North Korea's flavor of nutzoid people starving authoritarianism.

Like most Asian popstars Kim has yet to crack the states-side market. But he does have a friend in Portland, Comrade John Paul Cupp -- Chairman,Songun Politics Study Group (USA). If that weren't enough, Cupp is turning heads in the corridors of powers as the Chairman of US Solidarity Committee to Support the NDFSK and the South Korean People's Struggle. I'm calling you out, Teen People. Get your best star reporter on this New Soviet Man.

Paul has got himself a full plate, unlike the majority of North Koreans.

The wonder of all this is Paul manages to out-Gorky Gorky with some of the freshest, most heartfelt socialist realistic verses coming out of the red hot salons of
Portland's Stalinist poetry scenes.

He has a 17 stanza ode with it's own internal fucked mickey mouse clock rhythm that
blows Bourgeoisie standards of "talent" out of their Saragossa Sea of STAGNANT KITSCH.

It's called The Korea of Songun: a Poem in 17 Stanzas, and I'm not going to reprint it because I don't want any fancy pants North Korea intellectual property attorney bending me over in court. I will link to it here, however.

Fair use allows for reprinting part of a work for comment or review, so here's the first stanza to whet your whistle:

I. Preludes of Life and Death Battles

Long Live North Korea!
Long Live Freedom's Dream!
While mourning for Belgrade, and cheering for Baghdad,
Pyongyang, our eyes on you!
Long Live North Korea!

There's sixteen more where that came from, some even better than this!

And just so you know this love affair isn't one sided, the Pyongyang Mission of the National Democratic Front of South Korea sent back their ownpuppy love mash note.

So, heads up, policy wanks. Pyongyang's man in Portland is getting ready to take his place among the pundits and Wise Old Men. CNN, you listening? Yeah, I bet you are.

John Paul Cupp: a juicy man with a Juche plan.

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Blogger Greg Mills said...

Addendum from the Bastard:

Cupp is actually not my kind of weirdo. He's the sort of weirdo that think car bombs and killing innocents is okay. According to Google, he also posts to a lot of far-right websites, ones where folks have different ideas about which nations were fighting the good fight, 1939-1945, if you catch my drift.

2:24 PM  

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