Monday, November 28, 2005

My friend Michael is a MAJOR VILLIAN on Guiding Light, biiaatch.

Michael Dempsey plays the ARCH FIEND ALAN-MICHAEL SPAULDING on Guiding Light. But Michael Dempsey is not an ARCH FIEND. Michael Dempsey is a nice guy, married to a nice woman (Jena, who is one nice MFer), father of a baby that I haven’t met yet. (The baby may not be nice. But I am willing to assume he is nice for the sake of the parents. His name is Cassius.)

I’ve known Michael for fifteen years and now the douche bag is on… GUIDING FUCKING LIGHT!?!?!

Fun fact: Michael and I once stole a case of beer.

If Guiding Light is one of your “stories”, please, cheer for Michael. Even if he plays a rat fucking bastard.

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Blogger Lily said...

His name is Cassius???
Wow. Thats nervy.

5:34 AM  
Blogger Greg Mills said...

Michael is a nervy guy. He's also a very sweet and gentle dude, more of a Sean O'Casey guy then Guiding Light. But L'haim to him nonetheless. He's making a good living acting and how many people can say that?

8:47 AM  

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