Sunday, July 09, 2006

New Sweet ass link.

Blog special agent G. of the RCMP has hooked me up with the sweet ass (a phrase I'm slowly weening myself from)
Hoopty Rides, a blog about dangerous industrial crafts you can do at home and get chemical burns on your face, leaving you a bitter shut-in who the neighbor children call Mr. Grilled Cheese-face.

The guy who runs it is an editor for Make Magazine, the bible of dangerous and pointless electronics project (that I'm too chickenshit and incompetent to try) for the home mad scientist.

It's got hot rods!

Someday, I'll have a hot rod. After we get rid of the kids' car seat and I learn how to drive stick.


On a troubling side note, my children have been exposed to two whole hours of Canadian programming this morning. What gives with our children's programming deficit with Canada?

By my reckoning:

-- Calliou
-- The satanic Doodlebops
-- Franklin
-- Anne of Green Gables (I barfed in my mouth a little bit when I wrote that)
-- Miffy
-- Degrassi repeats (which are admittedly AWESOME)
-- George Shrinks
-- Rolie Polie Ollie
-- etc, etc, ad infinitum

My three year old told me he wanted his own toque this morning. Have we gone too far in letting this menance into our homes?

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Blogger Stephanie said...

Degrassi rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!! As does the original Anne of Green Gables. I loved the bit where she broke her slate on Gilbert Blythe's head..

2:06 PM  
Blogger G. said...

And all this time you thought we were those kind hearted, innocuous neighbours to the north--the celery, as it were, in the salad of international politics. But you Greg have unwittingly stumbled accross our plan for world domination. It's in your best interest to not mention this to too many people outside of your blog, otherwise CSIS rendition team will show up and ship you off to a remote weather station on Baffin Island where you'll be forced to subsist on Kraft Dinner for the rest of your days.

Q:What does a Canadian say when you step on their foot?
A: Sorry!

9:52 AM  

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