Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Gay blog horseshit

Ripped off from Stephanie.

Don't like it? Then take the gas pipe.

Rapper Name?
Big Head Wally Tha Hydrocephalic Kid

Alternative Rock Band Name?
Leather Meteor. Instrumental metal. Heavy as fuck.

Name your pain?
Existence. As in, "It only hurts when I exist."

1 True Word That Symbolizes God?

1 True Love or 1 Million Dollars?
The latter would lead to the former. Okay, I'm cynical.

Live Free or Die Stupid?
live free

Purist, happiest moment ever? (8 words or less)
New born screeches #1, #2. No poop yet.

Most Influential Life Lesson?
Being a weirdo really is the best way to go, for a lot of practical reasons.

Most Successful Person You Least Admire?
George Bush

Where we go when we die? (1 word)

Worst TV Show of the Past Decade?

Best TV Show of the Past Decade?
The Wire

Burning Building - baby or dog?
baby, albeit on a case by case basis

Still with me, yes or no?
I am on top of you.

Who runs the world? (2 words or less)
dainty nuns

Worst Idea You Ever Had?
That pretty lights and hugs would make all the jaw grinding worth it.

Shittiest Job You Ever Had?
Vacuuming a department store @ 4 am. My boss was mentally handicapped.

Best Job You've Ever Had?
Lazy bookstore clerk

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Blogger Stephanie said...

Sausages? Eek!

A few life lessons from me to you (although I reckon you've learned the first one) -

Don't do things just for the hugs because you'll end up resenting people if they don't offer up enough quality hugs.

On a similar note, never knit a sweater for your husband/boyfriend/girlfriend/wife because he/she'll never fully appreciate all of the time and effort that went into it and you'll resent him /her forever. Only do it if you don't mind them not actually liking it.

3:45 PM  
Blogger Greg Mills said...

#1. I'm not a hugger, mainly because of my voice. I have a whiney, nasally voice and I think a 911 operator would probably say "Oh, yeah...ha ha..." and hang up. I just don't sound sincere, so people read my affection as being sardonic. I have learned to live a hugless existence, other than my familia.

#2. This is why I don't knit.

10:00 PM  

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