Saturday, October 28, 2006

Hicksion hits paydirt.

Blogfriend Hicksion, the dirty rotten imbecile that runs Close But No Cigar has been invited to produce a 15 minute radio show for the BBC. A 15 minute comedy radio show for the BBC. Or he's been invited to develop one, or he can sit in the lobby and an sit in the lobby and quietly color with crayons for awhile while listening to a
radio,, or he does make-up for a radio show, or he makes explosion sounds with his mouth for a radio version of Captain Scarlet. I'm not entirely certain.

What I can say certainly is this:

Hicksion is an absolute shithead.

The only comedy radio we get in the US is bearded middle-aged men punning about Broadway musicals on NPR.

Hicksion tried to corral a bunch of tardos, me included, to produce a comedy podcast, but we all kept getting distracted by colorful string and shiney bottle caps. So he "applied" himself and "bathed often" and "got off his pasty ass", and now he's all that. Dirtbag. I happen to know for a fact that Hicksion traffics in Japanese pig spanking videos. Be a damn shame if his masters at the bbc found out about it. A goddamn shame.

Congrats, goon.



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