Monday, May 26, 2008

Shopping in Twin Peaks

I just remembered this incident...

About three years ago, I was at shopping for browsing in a music store, looking at the classical CDs. I guess nothing appealed to me, because I made it all the way to "X" before I found anything I wanted to get.

I picked up an Iannis Xenakis cd, and while I'd read about him (very, very difficult music, math based, crazy, harsh) I'd never heard any of his music. The price was right, and I was on this completist kick (what I was completing is debatable. I guess I figured I'd know when it was complete.), so I took the plunge and took it to the front counter.

The guy working the counter that dad had a pretty significant limp and what looked like a slight curvature of the spine. I had chatted with him before about weird music, so I was EVEN MORE BUBBLY than usual (I think I may have even looked him in the eye).

He lit up when he saw my purchase-to-be: "Ahhh... Xenakis!"

Me, fumbling for levity: "Yeah, I'm going to have a dance party this weekend."

He: "A Xenakis dance party! Wow... it'd probably look like this!"

At this point, he comes out from behind the register and does this painful little dance, fluttering his hands, sort of pogoing in place.


Thing is, that exactly the sort of dance you'd do at a Xenakis dance party.

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