Friday, March 10, 2006

My contribution to the dialogue

I try not to post too much about politics, because there are plenty of folks out there that do it full time and pay a lot closer attention to things than I do.

My own politics is sort of some sort of half assed libertarianism, occulted by my suspicion that we are in a slow decline in all indicators, and have been for a while, and will continue to do so because people are thoughtless shallow dicks who barely understand their own ideologies or motivations. Hello, my name is Morrissey.

And when I do post about politics, it tends to be pointlessly obscure.

But today I came across a list, by no means comprehensive, of all the fuck-ups and horseshit and malignancies that swine fucking colon faced texan (the small t is sic) is responsible for.


Abu Ghraib
Harriet Myers
The WMD’s
Stem Cell Research
The Gay Marriage Amendment
The New Orleans Levees
Lack of Body Armor
The Iraq Exit Strategy
The winning-the-peace Plan
Iraqi Hearts and Minds
Halliburton’s Missing $9 billion
The Insurgency
Guantanimo Bay
Tax Cuts for the Rich
The Social Security Privitization
Ahmed Chilabi
Abstinence Funding
Pat Tillman
Jessica Lynch
The Downing Street Memos
The Fake Town Hall Meetings
The Fake Troop Q&A’s
The Fake Reporters
Jeff Gannon
Jack Abramoff
Paul Wolfowitz
John Bolton
Dick Cheney’s Rifle
France, Russia, China, Germany (co-signed by the 95% World Community)
The Dubai Port Deal
Michael Chertoff
The Deficit
The Alabama National Guard
The September 11th Preparedness
The September 11th Response
The Gulf Coast
Terry Schiavo
Free Speech Zones
The Purple Heart Band-aids
Rafael Palmeiro
The Swift Boat Veterans
Tom Delay
Science Policy as set by 24 year old J-school drop-outs
Global Warming
The English Language

I apologize for everything. Pray for us. I'm putting my money on Japan these days, as they seem to be the only ones having any fun any more.

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Blogger G. said...

I was going to put my money on the Japanese too....until I learned they're more fucked up than me.


9:31 AM  

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