Friday, August 18, 2006

Been quiet. I know.

I've been home with the moppets all week. Towering paternal triumphs, sub-terreanean moments related to loose diapers and highly efficient young GI tracts. The usual.

One of the highlights was introducing the kids to the film Yellow Submarine, which the y were mesmerized by and a walk around a little lake near our house where we saw many little turtles sunning themselves and a huge Great Blue Heron looking for frogs along the bank. Beats the office, to be sure.

I'm also reading a series of dull books for my moonlighting job. Maybe not dull, but not a hell of a lot of laughs. The kind of books where you occaisionally find yourself reading the jacket copy or the index to inspire you to continue. Or to look at the author photo and ask: "Dude, WHAT THE FUCK."

Anyway, I have a question. I've noticed I've a regular visitor from Australia. I'd love it if that person give a shout out in the comments. Or not. Glad you're visiting, whoever you are.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello, I'm the regular visitor from Australia, or at least a regular visitor from Australia (I suppose there may be many others), except that I'm not really from Australia, I'm from England but live in Australia.
Great Blog, makes me laugh and brightens up my miserable existence

6:25 PM  
Blogger Greg Mills said...

I'm glad my miserable shit bag life can lighten the load of your own shit bag.


8:11 PM  

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