Thursday, February 22, 2007

What is this Music I keep hearing about, Greg?

Well, I'm glad you asked.


Music is the marking of time with sound. Practitioners of music arrange objects that bleat or thump in interesting ways, then sequence the bleating and thumping.

It is then that it is customary for the audience squat, stomp and thrust at predictable intervals during the course of the sound making.

Tonally controlled screaming of poetry sometimes accompanies the sound as well. Ideally the poetry’s internal rhythm will correspond roughly with the flow of the sounds as dictated by the sequence agreed upon by the assembled performers. People who scream in tonally predictable ways are held in high esteem, and they often are given license to cut their hair oddly or dress in a manner that doesn’t conform to everyday modes of dress.

The poetry often deals with romantic love and potential sexual congress with another person or persons.

However, this poetry may also deal with other subjects, such as:

-- the desirability of squatting, stomping or thrusting when hearing a discrete unit of music

-- a syncretic mythology, combining themes from near eastern death cults and northern European mythos. (Note: a repetitive and predictable shaking of the head and wearing of animal skins decorated with small metal spikes are often associated with this lyrical mode)

-- the internal combustion engine

-- psychotropic chemicals


This is music. Watch out for it. It’s quite popular.



Blogger kimananda said...

You know, I've heard a lot about this music malarkey, and, to be quite honest, it sounds a bit, erm, scary and violent, with all that thumping and stuff. I might have to try it, however....

8:59 AM  
Blogger G. said...

I was sure that the Devil had something to do with this "music" of which you speak.


6:46 PM  

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